Furniture Staging in Auckland Sells Homes Faster


Today’s real estate market is highly competitive, with buyers frequently having multiple properties to select from that meet their needs. For property owners needing to market a home quickly, Auckland interior designers recommend sellers strongly consider staging as a way to differentiate a property from others on the market.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

Industry statistics demonstrate staged homes sell faster than competing properties that are not professionally staged. Furniture staging in Auckland helps home buyers to better visualize the spaces within a home and what buyers can achieve using similar furnishings. Staging experts take advantage of a home’s architectural style to maximize the property’s appeal.

Furnishings Make or Break a Sale

Interior design companies in Auckland are quick to point out that a home’s furnishings are, arguably, the most important elements employed for Auckland home staging. That’s why it’s important to work closely with a designer specializing in staging when marketing a home.

Furniture Isn’t the Only Element of Staging

Staging also includes several design aspects. Discussing these options with a staging expert is strongly recommended.

Decluttering is a major element of staging. People tend to have too many items in homes, making those properties appear smaller and darker. Designers develop strategies to remove excess clutter, opening up a home’s rooms and making them more appealing to prospective buyers.

Painting creates an instant face lift for a home. While neutral colours have long been touted as ideal choices when marketing a property, other colours may be more appropriate for specific properties. Discussing colours with staging experts prior to painting is strongly recommended.

Make Minor repairs. While damaged window treatments or trim may seem minor, those issues tend to stick out when a property is shown to potential buyers. Of course, specific properties will benefit from other staging strategies in addition to these. Auckland designers will assist property owners in determining which staging techniques will best suit the needs of their properties.

Amazing Interiors has a great deal of experience assisting property owners with staging, and our experts are available to assist you with determining how to best stage your home to successfully market it in the shortest period of time possible. For more information or to schedule a consultation, go to now.


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