Why Hiring a Professional Interior Designer Improves Results


A home should reflect the personalities of the family residing there. Sadly, many homes don’t achieve this goal. The furnishings don’t meet the needs of the occupants, the colours don’t make them feel at ease, or any number of things could be wrong. With the help of an interior design service, however, every house can be a home. It’s just a matter of determining what is needed to achieve this goal, and interior design companies in Auckland can be of great help with this.


People often view an interior designer as an unnecessary expense. What they don’t realise is the designer helps them to avoid costly mistakes. In addition, the designer can actually help to increase the value of the home and help it stand out. This is of importance when a person is trying to sell their residence.


Individuals often find their homes no longer meet their needs and blame it on a lack of space. In many situations, however, it’s the way the space is being used that is the issue. A new home is purchased and, with time, the homeowner finds they are running into the same problems. An interior designer helps to maximise the available space in a home to ensure the homeowner is getting the most from what they have.


Certain items are only available to professionals in the field. The interior designer knows where to obtain these items for the home and has a network of contacts they have built up through their business. The homeowner obtains access to these resources when working with the professional, making it easier to acquire the desired look for the residence.

When the time comes that you want the assistance of an interior design service, call on Amazing Interiors (www.amazinginteriors.co.nz). In addition to making the home comfortable, we work to ensure it is inviting and functional. Whether this involves rearranging the furnishings in the room, adding new accessories or changing the colour scheme, the space will feel brand new in a short period of time. Have a home you love and can’t wait to return to each and every day. With our help, you will achieve this goal quickly.


Furniture Staging in Auckland Sells Homes Faster


Today’s real estate market is highly competitive, with buyers frequently having multiple properties to select from that meet their needs. For property owners needing to market a home quickly, Auckland interior designers recommend sellers strongly consider staging as a way to differentiate a property from others on the market.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

Industry statistics demonstrate staged homes sell faster than competing properties that are not professionally staged. Furniture staging in Auckland helps home buyers to better visualize the spaces within a home and what buyers can achieve using similar furnishings. Staging experts take advantage of a home’s architectural style to maximize the property’s appeal.

Furnishings Make or Break a Sale

Interior design companies in Auckland are quick to point out that a home’s furnishings are, arguably, the most important elements employed for Auckland home staging. That’s why it’s important to work closely with a designer specializing in staging when marketing a home.

Furniture Isn’t the Only Element of Staging

Staging also includes several design aspects. Discussing these options with a staging expert is strongly recommended.

Decluttering is a major element of staging. People tend to have too many items in homes, making those properties appear smaller and darker. Designers develop strategies to remove excess clutter, opening up a home’s rooms and making them more appealing to prospective buyers.

Painting creates an instant face lift for a home. While neutral colours have long been touted as ideal choices when marketing a property, other colours may be more appropriate for specific properties. Discussing colours with staging experts prior to painting is strongly recommended.

Make Minor repairs. While damaged window treatments or trim may seem minor, those issues tend to stick out when a property is shown to potential buyers. Of course, specific properties will benefit from other staging strategies in addition to these. Auckland designers will assist property owners in determining which staging techniques will best suit the needs of their properties.

Amazing Interiors has a great deal of experience assisting property owners with staging, and our experts are available to assist you with determining how to best stage your home to successfully market it in the shortest period of time possible. For more information or to schedule a consultation, go to www.amazinginteriors.co.nz now.

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Make It Stand Out!

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Thinking about selling your home? Well, you may want to hold on to that idea for a while and reflect on the ways how you can get more out of its sale. To get top dollar for in real estate, it’s important to ensure that your precious abode stands out from other houses in your area in ways that are not always evident. While people do spend a lot of time and effort enlisting a competitive real estate agent, they often forget that it’s the property that is going to make the first impression.

When it comes to driving up the value of property, most homeowners in Auckland, New Zealand, become clueless due to the lack of useful information available to them.

What problem do people face?

Doing an Internet search may yield some results, but the web is usually filled with generic information that can hardly prove to be of any use if the intention of the homeowner is to make their property unique from the others. The information they’re looking for might be buried under heaps of clickbait links that the user may hardly be able to overcome.

You, however, need not worry because this article will give you some valuable tips and ideas on how you can boost your property value and to get the best deals.

Ideas to boost property value for sales

1. Repair exterior wall and paints: The first thing a potential buyer will notice is your home’s exterior. So, it’s better that you start with fixing the outside before moving on to other portions. Homes that appear dilapidated or ugly just don’t make the same impression as a property that looks newly painted and contemporary in appeal.

Fixing the damages in the walls and applying fresh paint will give you a kickstart in the journey of selling your home. However, it’s best that you don’t use paint loud paint colours that may make it stand out for all the wrong reasons.

2. Clean up your house: Before you even think of starting to look for potential home buyers, make sure that your house is no less than in pristine condition, both inside and out. Since the first impression matters a lot in real estate, it makes sense to invest in advanced cleaning techniques or hiring a professional cleaner to get the job done. Remove the grout from the bathroom tiles, shine up the kitchen countertops, and remove any foul odour or pet smell that may be lingering around.

3. Spice up the interior design: Once the first impression has been made, the best way to leave a solid mark in the minds of potential buyers is welcome them to a home with a fantastic interior design. When it comes to interior design Auckland, hiring a professional company might be the best choice because you would not want to leave anything for chances. Remodelling the kitchen, painting the walls in neutral colours, and investing in interior flooring can all add up to make a stellar impression.

4. Remove all the personal stuff: Studies found that people are more likely to move into a new home if it gives them a canvas for painting their imagination. Literally speaking, it means you would probably find a buyer if they come into your home and imagine themselves living there.

So, all the personal stuff like photos, books, memorabilia, and personal keepsakes have to go. No exceptions. The last thing you would want the prospective buyers is to think that they’re going to move into your home and not theirs.

5. Invest in new furniture: Home staging is a risky business, and should not be tackled by the owners unless there are certain of their skills and have experience in this field. Since one of the sure fire ways to increase property value is by changing and modifying furniture, you’d want to have the best in the business working to turn your property into a heaven for living. Speaking of furniture staging Auckland, you can get in contact with a reputed interior decorator so that they may advise you on how to spice up the heart of your home.

6. Match lighting with the interior: Lighting is an important aspect in every home, and it has a great ability to influence the overall feel of a room. If you’re still using old lights that do not go with contemporary interior decor, it may be time for an upgrade. Energy efficient lights are the new talk of the town due to the rising electricity rates in Auckland, and the best way to leverage this situation would be to introduce potential buyers to a complete setup of energy efficient lighting.

7. Offer a flexible schedule: Remember, the idea of buyer’s market applies even in real estate. Since you’re the seller, the responsibility to keep your house “show ready” falls on your shoulder. Be available whenever someone wants to see your place and never forget to dress for the occasion.

Keep the interior tidy by not leaving clothes lying around, the dishes in the sink, and by regularly in dusting every nook and cranny of your property. You get only one chance to make the first impression, and so you have to put in a solid effort to make use of it.

Following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be on your way to creating an impression that would guarantee you a fair chance of success.



Wait! Wasn’t this article is supposed to be about teaching you how to maximize the property value in order to land the best deal possible? Indeed it was, and this is why you should place the most emphasis on the interior decor and furniture to show your home as ‘their home’.

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